Nina Valdez,
Demigod daughter of Hypnos , 19. Hi.

Am I really that Interesting? Oh well It can't be helped I'll tell you some more.

I sleep alot , but If I'm awake It will be most likely you can find me at the lake. Sadly the waves aren't big enough to surf as that Is one of my most favorite activities. Haven't done that In a long time.

Aren't you satisfied yet? Uhg Yawn
I Can see people's memories and lull people to sleep in the blink of an eye. Amateur Dj , Love to dance. Bla Bla Bla.

"Oh before you leave. Don't be alarmed If I seem to be In a coma , lying somewhere completely random. I'm a deep sleeper and have the tendency to sleepwalk.

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"Why waking me up so early ?.." Nina  exclaimed sleepily as she sat up.

Picture taken by Kenton

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