I have school tomorrow so I will have to go. Goodnight everyone!

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Meeting you again|Garrett&Nina|


Reality seems to have swooped back in and hit him, telling him to wake up from his trance and pay attention to the real world now that he has his sleeping beauty, his best friend, his lover, his dream catcher, and his beautiful Latina back in his arms. He licks his lips, lips craving more than just a peck. He wants her. But the patient guy that he is forces him to wait. He nods and takes her hand, intertwining their fingers together, his huge baseball glove hands covering her small one, and he leads her to the lake. “So what have you been doing all this time sleeping beauty?” he asks, voice soft, eyes unable to tear themselves away from her, his hand holding on to hers tightly.

Nina bit her lip to hold back a groan. “Don’t,” She whispered, still a bit breathless. “- Don’t lick your lips like tha’.” The Latina blushed, seeing him doing that made it hard for her to resist him and concentrate on his question. Her eyes locked on their hands, his hand holding on hers tightly and her lips curved into a small smile. “I tried to keep myself busy.  I stayed here at camp, and also went a few days away to stay at my grandparents. Oh, I also got a new tattoo. “ 

"You?" The Latina asked him, a bit shyly.  She still didn’t believe that Garret was really here with her as he lead her towards the lake.  

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Zoe nodded her head, of course, the plan had to come with details that even she didn’t think of. The small things that would make it believable. “Of course.” She nodded, again. “Dinner will be soon, I think. I’m more than sure that I’ll have enough time to be prepared.” She grinned at the girl.

Nina smiled, she hoped it would turn out well. Even a small mistake could ruin the plan, but she didn’t worry about it. She believed in the girl in front of her. Something, a small part of her trusted in the girl that she just met, and didn’t happen often. “I know you are.”


I can’t to see their faces.”

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"That’s true but everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, a friend…"


 ”I - I never met someone as stubborn as you, but how much I hate to a -admit it..You are right.


"I’m havin’ trouble sleepin’ at night, the nightmares keep tormenting me.."

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I have school tomorrow. (*>w<*)  I’m not happy about that fact, but hey it will be a short day.

Goodnight dreamers, and beautiful people. Yes, because everyone is beautiful in my opinion. 

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❛ put that away, i’m 
going to throw up on
you. ❜

❝ I - I just wanted to help.❞


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"Then don’t try. You barely now me."


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"Oh trust me," Zoe raised both her brows in thought. "If I am to ever get a tattoo, I’m certainly not going alone——now about this plan. When shall we start?"

"The plan. We definitely can’t miss dinner tha’ would be too suspicious." She shuddered. Yes, getting caught wasn’t in her plans at all. " Pranking them today, and you being too happy so suddenly would be too suspicious as well so tomorrow would be a great day to do it. Oh, and I hope tha’ you can act because you have to seem sad, or even mad through dinner."


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I won’t be able to do the replies tonight since I am stayin’ over at a friend’s house.

I will try to do them tomorrow. Goodnight everyone and enjoy your weekend.

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Goodnight everyone!

I will be going to bed since I don’t feel that well.

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Teenage memories

It couldn’t be her, but there was this nagging feeling. This familiar pull to the girl that was talking with her friend, and co - worker at the bar.  Nina couldn’t take her eyes of the girl as she tried differentiate if this was a trick, or reality while bringing the orders to the people. 


She couldn’t possibly look the same as 6 years ago, could she?

The Latina couldn’t hold back anymore, taking in a deep breath and walked closer.  "Farah," Her voice sounding unsure

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"Y' are perfect in everyday. Don't try t' deny it, or else I will 'ave to kick ass." (it's been awhile!)



"Good luck kicking my ass baby but I do disagree with you."

Seeing a bright smile break across Nina’s face caused a small smile to reach his own lips. He missed the feeling he got whenever he was the reason she smiled and he loved her smile. Chuckling, he shook his head. “The thing is, i can handle you. I can’t handle those kids.” Kenton pulled her as close as possible as she snuggled up to him and held her tightly yet gently. “Well I disagree with him. Your hugs are just right.” Burying his face in her hair, he kissed the top of her head.

"You really have a way with your words." She responded, closing her eyes. "Maybe it’s because these hugs were meant to be yours." Nina sighed, contently. She couldn’t think of a better place than his arms, his embrace made her feel safe, loved…just like home when her mother comforted her. "The kids are at a troublesome age, some of them..just found out who they are. It’s okay for them to be a little bit ‘troublesome’. Maybe tha’ is how they handle things. The kids just need someone to look out for them, and be strict yet caring. Chiron choose well when he picked you." She said, kissing his cheek.

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I will be going to bed. I have school tomorrow. I didn’t get enough time to do all the replies. I will do them tomorrow.

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For every ◙ I get my character will blurt a painfully embarrassing thought they've had about yours/a character of your choosing

"I like you. And I think you being a daughter of Hypnos will help put me in bed. As long as that bed is yours and you’re laying next to me."


Garrett doesn’t know a lick of Spanish and, yet, he manages to get what she had just said. She must have said something endearing because she shouldn’t have been blushing like that. Or maybe she had been embarrassed for speaking her native tongue. He is just about to open his mouth to ask when she pulls him into another kiss.

Garrett leans forward slightly just so she can reach him better and kisses her, his heartbeat running wildly. It’s racing and wanting to jump out of his chest because he’s nervous and he doesn’t know if he’s doing any of this right. But it feels so good having her kiss him, having her hold him tightly. Gods he loves her and he’s beyond happy that she’s with him. He keeps kissing her until he can’t breathe, until his lungs compress so much, the air is squeezed out of him, her lips stealing the air from his body. He pulls away reluctantly in order to breathe. He stares at her with adoration and smiles at her lovingly. “Be mine,” he says, simply. “I don’t want to ever be apart from you.”

Nina was breathless, her longs were burning with the need for air.  His lips. They were amazing, soft, tender and above all addicting.  The Latina bit back a whimper when he pulled away, her eyes locked with his. It was a some time ago that she poured her heart out to someone, but not like this. Everything with him felt like a first.  Nina was beyond happy when he leaned forward so she could reach him better. She couldn’t forget his lips, or their kiss even when they forced her, and even if she did, The Latina was sure consciousness would try to remember. She was a bit afraid, but fears were meant to be defeated. She did not want to regret the decision of letting him go forever.   

If his kiss hadn’t already turned her legs into jelly, and her heart into frenzy. Nina was sure is his words would have pretty much done the job.  ”I came. I saw. I felt. I loved.”  She took in a deep breath. ” In order to find somethin’ precious. You have to get lost. I was lost until I found you.” Nina smiled warmly.”Yours, and only yours.” She agreed.

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