Nina Valdez,
Demigod daughter of Hypnos , 19. Hi.

Am I really that Interesting? Oh well It can't be helped I'll tell you some more.

I sleep alot , but If I'm awake It will be most likely you can find me at the lake. Sadly the waves aren't big enough to surf as that Is one of my most favorite activities. Haven't done that In a long time.

Aren't you satisfied yet? Uhg Yawn
I Can see people's memories and lull people to sleep in the blink of an eye. Amateur Dj , Love to dance. Bla Bla Bla.

"Oh before you leave. Don't be alarmed If I seem to be In a coma , lying somewhere completely random. I'm a deep sleeper and have the tendency to sleepwalk.

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Goodnight everyone

I feel quite tired so I’m going to bed before I fall asleep with my laptop on my lap that wouldn’t turn out to be good at all. Goodnight everyone, or goodmornin’ for those who are starting the day. 

Send me “Hey, sleepyhead” and my muse will react to finding yours in their bed.


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A one-way trip. A very hard fall. And you have to do it all alone.

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Percy Jackson Masterlist


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"I’m - I’m sorry for your lose." He said softly. " I think anyone would save their loved ones instead of themselves and I do hope you find someone to love." He smiled weakly at her .

She sighed and a grin formed on her lips.” No need for tha’.  It is in the past and mom would haunt me if I didn’t live my life ‘cause of that.”

"—Is there anythin’ you like to do?" Nina asked him as she tried to move from the awkward and negative topic.

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I Want A Tattoo. || ninaslullabies


His head jerked back a little at her words, a bit surprised when she scolded him even just for a short time. He never expected that from Nina, that’s all. However, Theo managed to nod slowly at her words, chewing the inside of his cheek before he replied her sentence, smiling softly as he did so. “Thank you. That makes me feel… not as crappy as I used to be when it comes to education.”


Theo surprised her when he smiled, her cheeks flushed a bit from embarrassment. Why the Hades did she have to go on her ‘Overprotective’ mode. The Latina almost choked on that thought. Coming out of her daydream, she smiled warmly.”No need to thank me. I’m just tellin’ you the truth. Nobody is perfect and definitely not me. Everyone has their defaults.”  She smirked, and a devious glint appeared in her greenish coloured - eyes.

"People with sticks far up their arse just don’t realize it." 

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2 people walked into your dreams

Nina stood tense. Her body language totally rigid as she watched the orange color dance. The campfire was something she loved and hated at the same time. She stayed away from the view of others as she reminded her haunted memories, or at least hoped that they didn’t notice her.

"—This pathetic fear ‘f yours should be done with, Narcissa." She whispered to herself.

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If I’m going to burn, it might as well be bright.
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-Nico di Angelo

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Meeting the goddess again


{☼} No one would of touched her unless they knew her, she knew that. Even then, the feeling of someone’s hands over her eyes felt strange. But the voice of her friend Nina brought comfort. “Yeah, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?” She turned to embrace Nina, something she didn’t do often but when she did-it meant something.


 Nina let a gasp escape from her lips, and looked like a dear caught in headlights. Out of everything she hadn’t seen this coming, but when it finally hit her that she was being hugged by her friend, she couldn’t help but let a goofy smile from on her lips, and hug the goddess tightly back. “It has. I’m sorry for takin’ so long to come back.” She said, looking a bit worried.

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"I see… there’s no pain killer in the world for that… losing someone you love is like losing a vital organ, you don’t know how you would live without it, but day by day, you do , and your heart heals and makes it’s self stronger, but just because you’ve been hurt once, doesn’t mean you should stop trying, cause one day, you’ll find someone that makes your heart brand new, and all the past pain will leave you" he gave a weak smile " not wise, just experienced"

"Y’ right, but there are scares on me tha’ remind of what happened on that day. I wanted to safe her.." She sighed, and a small smile on her face."—-Yet my mother was selfless and saved me instead." The Latina looked down, her brown locks covering her face. 

"I hope someday I will get over this fear ‘f mine. After all I never stopped loving those who I care about."

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Ailiana’s vision went fuzzy when she ended the cabin. She tried to recognize the song, but her yawns plugged her ears every few seconds. The poet steadied herself against the doorframe, closing her heavy eyelids. /Just a few seconds….just a few *yawn*….seconds…./

Nina heard something near the entrance of the cabin, and stopped singing. A confused look formed on her face. Who would be awake at a time like this but then again an Hypnos - child awake so early is more confusingShe walked towards the door and raised an eyebrow at the sight before realization sunk in. 

"—Oh, gods. Please don’t be asleep." What would she do right now? She couldn’t slap the girl, or throw could water on her until she woke up.

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War And Peace. || AU (Percy Jackson) || ninaslullabies (tw:blood)


He smiled weakly while suppressing the pain by pressing the wound, but it didn’t really do him any good. Blood kept oozing from the stabbing, and his vision has gotten even more blurry than before. Damn, this is not good. This is not good at all. However, Theo managed to frown at her next words, trying to understand what she was saying as he breathed heavily while leaning against one of the healers. He can’t even sit straight any longer.

"You mean- You can- What?" So Nina won’t heal him… not directly, at least. "So you can prolong my life? Is that it?" Even for a bit more? "Is that- I mean, would that be allowed by your father or… whoever’s in charge?"

Nina frowned and she bit her bottom - lip hard trying so hard to keep hold of her emotions. The blood just kept oozing and he started to look even worse than before.  Fate was so cruel in many ways than one; first she lost mother, and him. Hades, they weren’t even friends for so long but then again the Latina never kept track of time and yet it felt like they were.

"I don’t really care if it isn’t allowed." She stated, with a smirk." I never was someone who listened to rules, but then again y’ don’t need to be worried since what I am about t’ do isn’t forbidden at all. I will be in charge of the place where we are going to. Everything what I imagine, every single little detail…will be created."

"I’m ready when y’ are..that’s if you want?" She asked, suddenly the nineteen - year - old looked like a little girl.

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"Right, either way I apologise." Bek smiled. She looked down at her tank, she always did this when she was nervous. Looking back up she nodded. "Uhm, it’s just my mum and I actually. She wouldn’t care. She tends to go by the whole: ‘Bekky as long as you are happy, so am I.’ thing. Which, in my opinion, is complete and utter bullshit. She shouldn’t live her life defining her happiness based of how happy I am. She should be living her own life."

"Well. Y’ win this round, but I won’t let you apologize so easily next time. " She responded with a little chuckle as she stared at the girl. "Be happy tha’ you have someone tha’ cares about y’ so much. When we tend to care for someone, their happiness becomes more important than our own. " Nina told her after listening. The girl’s words remind her about her own mother.

"Do you want t’ go somewhere else?"